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    The VTBCommunity Project


    • The project does not belong to any one individual.
    • It is managed by a legal Foundation “VTBCommunity Foundation” (Gibraltar).
    • The algorithmic value of the asset makes it a reasonable buying opportunity at any given time.
    • Cryptocurrencies of other blockchains can be deposited and used to purchase VTB assets.
    • The initial VTB reserve does not belong to anyone, and all cryptocurrencies used to pay for VTB from this reserve are redistributed to VTB asset holders.
    • VTB assets are protected from price manipulation, exit scams and pump-and-dump activities through a predictability approach.
    • The project’s unique breakpoint would be triggered by a sudden, complete, and irremediable stop of the purchasing demand.
    • An ecosystem is being developed around the VTBC asset to drive use and mass adoption.

    You may consult our White Paper for a complete reference of this whole section at

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