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    Reaching a successful coherence with the project’s vision and this white paper requires a plan. The Foundation has outlined a rough roadmap to provide some insight into the plan and marked this roadmap with milestones. Dynamic implementation of each of these milestones will trigger the start of subsequent steps. Milestones are dependent on resources and available technologies, and as such, timelines can be negatively impacted.


    This pertains to asset integrations, including EOS in the system. Currently, there are two public crypto assets integrated into the system, EOS and ETH.  Our short and long-term plan includes other assets such as BTC, DOT, Cardano, etc. These will be used to purchase VTBC from other users or the reserve.

    The timeline of these additions depends on critical factors, resources, and development time. If other more requested assets are preferred, this delivery will change.

    1. BTC 2022 Q2
    2. DOT 2022 Q3
    3. ADA 2022 Q4

    Democratic Token

    Voting on multiple options to create a separate democratic token or use VTBC or other methods is yet to be investigated.

    1. Define options 2022 Q2
    2. Option feasibility 2022 Q3
    3. Council Decision 2022 Q4

    You may consult our White Paper for a complete reference of this whole section at

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