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    Term Definitions

    This section defines words and concepts as they are interpreted in this document:

    1. Algorithmic token: A type of token featuring dynamic algorithmic changes to either its supply or value.
    2. Altruistic tokenomics: Intentional economic actions generated through the creation and use of tokens designed to enhance the welfare of others in the absence of reward.
    3. Asset Class: All VTBCommunity assets share the same value comparator (e.g., gold). Asset family: All VTBCommunity assets share the same exchange medium (e.g., ETH).
    4. Cross-chain / ledger agnostic: Like Meta-asset, cross-chain is not specific to any particular ledger.
    5. Dex: Decentralized P2P exchange.
    6. Economic incentives: The rules and mechanics to reward or penalize specific behaviors in a network.
    7. Fiat Currency: Classical debt-based currency, such as US Dollars, Euros, or British Pounds.
    8. Game theory: The study of mathematical models of strategic interaction among rational decision-makers.
    9. VTBCommunity Foundation: The organization responsible for the maintenance, management, upgradability, and custodianship of non-issued assets.
    10. VTBCommunity Upgrade Proposals: Proposal format used by the community to participate in the development and destiny of the project.
    11. Mass adoption: The retail market’s adoption of cryptocurrency or digital assets.
    12. Meta Asset: Assets on multiple distributed ledgers sharing the same value and a standard shared maximum supply.
    13. On-chain governance: A voting mechanism to manage the governance of the project. This will handle significant changes to the network, appoint directors, and other relevant activities that impact the community.
    14. Redistribution: Process of redistributing the assets that served to buy from the reserve and the asset generated by the stable token.
    15. Rules: Business logic is replicated throughout the different ledgers and represents a protocol.
    16. Stable Token: Like a commodity-backed currency, its value can be tied to multiple assets. Some stable tokens are backed by gold, silver, or even the US dollar. Since the US dollar is not as volatile as any ordinary cryptocurrency, it offers some measure of stability.
    17. Token layers: The interrelation between VTBCommunity assets families and classes.
    18. Tokenomics: The study of how cryptocurrencies work within the broader ecosystem. This includes token distribution and incentivizing positive behavior in the network.
    19. Unique Asset: A specific pair of value comparator and a native token (e.g., EUR-TRN). Each asset has its VTBDex tab. A fantastic asset is dual and will always be composed of an algorithmic token and a stable token.
    20. Universal Value Index: The averaged value of all VTBCommunity assets.
    21. Value Comparator: The value of a VTBCommunity asset is measured using a real-world value comparator, such as fiat currency (e.g., USD). A fiat (e.g., Euro) or commodity (e.g., gold) comparator evaluates the asset. The conversion rate is calculated using the value comparator vs. the native token (e.g., Ether) value.

    You may consult our White Paper for a complete reference of this whole section at

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