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    VTBDex Official Release

     Date: February 14th, 2022

    Available at

    VTBCommunity Announcement

    Dear fellow members of the VTBCommunity,

    The VTBDex and the VTB Blockchain, the decentralized exchange and distributed ledger ecosystem that govern the dual-asset offer by VTBCommunity Foundation (VTBC & VTBT), have officially launched as of February 14th, 2022, and are accessible at

    It is, without a doubt, an enormous step towards establishing a presence in the algorithmic finance sector and bringing forth the entire VTB proposal created by the VTBCommunity Foundation. Through the VTBDex, community members can now carry out purchases and sales of VTB digital assets in a truly reliable and convenient manner.

    Notwithstanding, the initial launch of the VTBDex is accounted as a first phase of the entire range of solutions offered and is still going through some additional adjustments. These modifications do not interrupt the current service that the decentralized exchange has, and community members are effectively able to conduct their exchanges activities today.

    However, later additions to the VTBDex will further empower users in various ways, including but not limited to financial calculators, a broader e-wallet integration, comprehensive graphical interface solutions, and many more features.

    As always, if any members encounter any issues while using the phase 1 rollout of the VTBDex, we are happy to receive member feedback via our contact form on, so that our technical staff can attend to the matter accordingly.

    We encourage all the VTBCommunity members to visit the VTBDex Migration Guide for further reference on successfully integrating their wallets (for Ethereum users) to the new Dex, which you can access at

    Once again, we are proud to announce our official release of the VTBDex and the VTB Blockchain, reiterate our commitment to serving you better, and convey our gratitude to VTBCommunity members for their trust, patience, and cooperation.

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