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New VTBCommunity Foundation Website

We are proud to announce the completely renovated website launch for the VTBCommunity Foundation!

The new website for the VTBCommunity Foundation is located at vtbcommunity.org, and it comes with a completely renovated technical document, the VTBCommunity Project White Paper that is readily available for download at the foundation’s website (English Version | French Version | Spanish Version).


VTBCommunity Website Launch

The new website for the VTBCommunity Foundation comes with a completely renovated technical document, the VTBCommunity Project White Paper that is available for download in English, French & in Spanish.


  • VTBCommunity Foundation Organization Profile
  • Extended Technology & Concept Description
  • VTBCommunity Members’ Forum
  • VTB Knowledge Repository
  • Frequently Asked Questions Area
  • Terminology Appendix
  • News Corner: Announcements & Events
  • Consolidated Support & Contact System



The VTBCommunity Foundation (VTB – “Validus Tutis Beneficium” stands for “Strong Secure Benefits”) is a non-profit entity established in Gibraltar in September of 2021 that offers a revolutionary financial assembly and predictable ecosystem developed as a bold response to the dynamically inflationary money mechanic. It will perpetuate the principal objective of providing expectable economic value and unmatched stability to its users based on temporality, capital injection, and transactional numericity.

In its development stages, the VTBCommunity Foundation has been through extended periods of complex restructuring and reassessment to evolve its financial proposal, ensuring stability, scalability, and predictability.

“The new website for the VTBCommunity Foundation is located at vtbcommunity.org, and it comes with a completely renovated technical document, the VTBCommunity Project White Paper that is readily available for download at the foundation website.”


It is with immense pleasure that we reach out to the community to announce the successful migration of our decentralized exchange to its final stage, the VTBDex.

We also introduce the new foundational structure, technicalities, and new frontiers of our endeavours as an integrative financial proposal, the VTBCommunity Foundation.

2021 will go down in history as the rebirth of the project. The Foundation was aware earlier this year that the entire system needed to be rebuilt from scratch, as it was fundamentally impossible to try and save the old to make it look like the new.

You may download the VTB Announcement PDF by going to bit.ly/vtb-migration.

So, we had no choice but to redo everything and that is exactly what we did.

The new token system is now titled “VTB.” Therefore, we will use the VTBC and VTBT terminology as the dual-token root to work with.
It is essential to emphasise that it is an entirely new project and that everything is completely different from past iterations.


The new Decentralized Exchange is now VTBDex and operates under the vtbdex.com domain with an optimised infrastructure, an enhanced performance, and an extended e-wallet compatibility.


The new website for the VTBCommunity Foundation is located at vtbcommunity.org, and it comes with a completely renovated technical document, the VTBCommunity Project White Paper that is readily available for download at the foundation website.

*Note: The two websites are now the official websites of the Foundation. Additionally, all social media channels appropriately listed on such websites are in place as the Community’s only official accounts. Anything that is not linked on the official websites is not and will never be considered as a part of the VTBCommunity Foundation.

Please make sure to share these facts with other members of the community that you may be in touch with.



It is the reason why the VTBCommunity Foundation has decided to perform a complete overhaul & reestablishment of its solutions, primarily considering our community members’ financial well-being and, of course, staying true to our core values and overall mission as a non-profit entity with our distinctive forward-thinking envisioning.


This fact is something that you will be able to read in our White Paper.

To build a business ecosystem around the VTB, we needed to ensure that we secured the Foundation and that the project (token) would be protected in time.

In the coming weeks, you will see announcements of the progress and the expected beginning dates of the different parts of that ecosystem.



We have also launched our VTB Forum section where feature requests, announcements, and traders corner, among others, will become active and prominent sections of our website, acting as a repository of information for every VTBCommunity Member to consult.

You can visit the VTB Forum by going to vtbcommunity.org/forum and you may find the VTB Forum’s Rules at vtbcommunity.org/forums/topic/vtb-forum-rules.

On the other hand, we are now attending to VTBCommunity members on our new Official Telegram Group, offered at t.me/VTBCommunity. You may find the rules for our Telegram Group on bit.ly/vtb-telegram-rules


The Foundation designed this project to bring stable value-added assets to people, businesses, and merchants alike at the lowest possible risk while reducing the impact of an increasing cost of living. Also, this project allows the individual to be intentional about the financial system they wish to use instead of using the default. Price predictability, stable low fees, and simplified access to blockchain assets are salient benefits that set it apart. To drive the use of the asset, VTB is working with a profit-driven entity, whose goal is to offer financial tools in a business ecosystem delivering unique features to the community, such as a crypto advance program, a merchant platform that includes a fee-less payment system, a reward program for the merchants, and many others incentives for the users.

VTB is not only building the foundation for an ecosystem; it is also creating the associated network that follows. This is a complete project comprising an interactive movement between assets and users: assets need users, and users require these assets to work for them; it just makes sense.

Additionally, VTB welcomes businesses, for-profit, non-profit, and even governments so that, thrust by their utilization, the fundamental asset will continue to grow accordingly.

Coherent with the blockchain space of tomorrow, VTB is honing its efforts to drive solutions for several of the barriers mentioned above. These solutions result in a blockchain-based architecture that not only people can use in an easy, low-risk manner, but businesses can as well by removing some of their overhead costs in an equally low-risk environment. The ease of use allows adopters to utilize their smartphones to perform these VTB interactions.